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The Essentials

Burkhardtsmaier’s high-end audio systems deliver something that you normally only hear when listening to musicians playing live. The Essence of Sound. Pure, unadulterated, stripped back to its essentials – and hence something really special. With the help of the advertising agency Panama, we are trying to achieve the same effect with our communications. A good […]


Our teaser video makes The Essence of Sound visible by translating acoustic signals into visual structures. In this unique way, it demonstrates how matter reacts to vibrations. The composition of this experimental cymatics video was as pared-down as our products. It simply involved very fine powder in a range of colours and a subwoofer. Everything […]


“We interpret The Essence of Sound as what is concealed in a tone – what gives it its aura. And that’s where the creative core of our audio translation is found: in the individual overtones of a note that is played.” This is how the creative agency whydobirds described their challenging task to create our […]